Successful Digital Advertising

Our goal is to make our customers' business a success. We do this by offering a wide range of products that will generate more revenue to our customers including upselling of job ad placements and/or highlighting, contextual targeting, CV MatchCV searchrecruiter e-commerce self-servicecompany profiles and much more. With all these products at hand, MatchWork is a valuable partner in optimising business processes and increasing revenue.

We support a number of different upsell opportunities - our customers can basically have as many as they like.

With our job board solution MatchWork has combined search capability with business knowledge and created services that allows you to generate revenues that surpass those of your competitors, by displaying relevant contextual ads to job seekers. In addition MatchWork offers highly targeted CV Match and CV Search services.

The illustration below shows the 'Featured job' upsell displaying upsold job ads that are contextual to the search. On average a 'Featured job' delivers 5 times the amount of views than a normal job listing.

Featured Recruiters