Mobile friendly white label job boards


Customers signing up with MatchWork get access to a white label job board software solution with multiple benefits. MatchWork's mobile optimised white label job board platform will give you higher user satisfaction, better earnings and reduced costs. We have the experience and knowledge you need to maximise your job board potential.

MatchWork specialises in providing complete job board solutions and handle everything from building, hosting, integrating, maintaining, developing and supporting your site so you can focus on sales and marketing. 

We have many years experience, a proven track record, and a long list of happy customers.

We have previously and with great success helped customers that faced challenges such as:

  • Building a job board business from scratch
  • High recurring costs from running and hosting the job board in-house or with an expensive supplier
  • The design of the job board is looking poor and dated or is too similar to competitor sites
  • The job board is never upgraded and is lacking features such as mobile optimisationCV Match and SEO

So whether you are a publisher, newspaper, association, organisation, pure player (where your job board is your only business), university or a start-up, we have the right solution to the right price for you.

We even deliver our solution to other job board software providers that see the benefit in outsourcing their job board product to us to reduce their costs while ensuring high level of service, maintenance and continuous development.

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