Job board SEO

The advertisers will go where the users are – so without traffic, no content, and without content, no traffic. With MatchWork’s job board software you get effective search engine optimisation (SEO) that works - just ask our clients.

And let us not forget the most important part of keeping the job seeker interested in your job board – relevant jobs in plenty. MatchWork can help job board owners employ many different tactics to boost their job ad and traffic volume.

MatchWork has many years of experience in helping our customers to be successful in the job ad market. We do not limit ourselves to delivering software solutions but strive to be our customer’s business partner by having top of the market SEO expertise in-house.

MatchWork’s built-in standard SEO includes an ‘SEO friendly’ URL structure which includes all relevant keywords that is important to the customer’s business. The keywords are also positioned in page titles, descriptions, headings ensuring that relevant landing pages are easily indexed and highly ranked by search engines.

Part of the SEO solution is also an XML sitemap including all relevant landing page links such as jobs for specific job categories, locations and for all job ads again using clean SEO friendly URLs.

I have a job board already and want to preserve my SEO rank when switching provider - what to do?

We understand that if you are switching your existing job board solution to us, you have most likely obtained a high amount of links to landing pages that you want to preserve page rank for without jeopardising your traffic coming from search engines.

As part of our standard offering, we ensure that these links are migrated seamlessly to new relevant landing pages using permanent redirects when switching to the MatchWork solution. This ensures that customers do not experience any down-turn in traffic figures - only the positive effects that our SEO solution provides.

If you want to know more about our SEO solution and SEO services, please contact us.

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