Employer & Recruiter CV Matching

The CV Match service can be the most effective revenue-generating upsell on any job board. With MatchWork's unique technology you offer both advertisers and job seekers a unique service, matching jobs with candidates easily, fast and accurately.

Because the product targets the CV database, it will also activates the passive job seekers who previously registered a CV on the site.

A CV Match job will on average receive more than 3 times the amount of applications than a normal job listing and is used by almost all MatchWork customers.

MatchWork customers can opt-in to participate in the MatchWork shared CV database consisting of over 300,000 active CVs.

In addition to sending the job to the relevant CV candidates, the CV matching service also allows recruiters & employers to log in to their account and hand pick the candidates they want to contact. A great way for proactive recruiters to find relevant people!

An email can also be sent to the recruiter, notifying about new relevant candidates that have registered.

CV Match