Intelligent job search

MatchWork's search platform is powered by the MicroSoft FAST Enterprise Search Platform - one of the most well reputed search solutions on the market and provides significantly better results than equivalent open-source products. Our customers have the benefit of having access to this otherwise expensive technology at a very low price.

Within the FAST ESP product is, among other great features, a synonym dictionary which we keep updated with relevant job title and location associations so that jobseekers still will find relevant jobs even though they might refer to a job title with the different word than found on jobs. To name an example most jobseekers searching for ‘account manager’ would also like to see results for ’sales executive’. MatchWork's search solution have a vast association of related job titles and locations and combined with the highly intelligent ranking of results, it therefore delivers only relevant results to jobseekers.

Other great features provided by the FAST ESP are e.g.

- Search statistics, e.g. which search terms generates 0 result searches and most popular search terms
- Auto-complete freetext searches
- Boosting – upsell jobs boosted to the top of the search results page for relevant searches or negatively boost aggregated volume jobs
- and much more

Auto-complete search

The search will automatically suggest what the user is searching for while the user is typing. This makes it a lot easier and quicker for jobseekers to select the job titles and locations they are searching because the system will predict what the user is entering while typing. It also lowers the risk of misspelling. 



Search by predefined links

Predefined links are divided into 3 categories:

- Job Categories/sectors
- Locations
- Job titles

These sections of links listed on the home page allow jobseekers to search directly with one click giving them an instant result which later can be filtered down further (see next section about guided navigation). It is also essentiel for SEO to ensure search engines index pages of relevant jobs matching the essential keywords of the site.



Guided Navigation (faceted search)

Helps the jobseekers narrow down on what they are looking for. It is always visible how many jobs are within each facet / option to ensure jobseekers do not get zero-result searches. 

To name a few search facets; search by distance (radial search), job category, job location (several levels), job type, date posted and salary.