Shared CV Database - ideal for start-ups!

One of the key benefits for job boards using our CV match solution is the option of being part of the MatchWork 'Shared Network'. This enables CVs to be shared and matched across the job boards powered by MatchWork, ensuring the best results for both jobseekers and employers. The Shared Network enables advertisers to reach beyond their traditional 'circulation' areas, creating a much larger marketplace.

There are thousands of CVs in the system at any given time, a number that is steadily increasing. As a result, the network is continuously increasing in power and scope. In this way, MatchWork ensures high response rates and the highest levels of satisfaction for both jobseekers and advertisers.

The fact that our CV Match customers are offered the possibility to join the shared jobs or CV database where most of our existing partners pool their CVs on a “you see mine - I see yours” basis allows new MatchWork customers to start out with a large CV database from day one.

Currently there are more than 300,000 active CVs in the UK in the Shared Network.