Migration of data from existing job board

When switching job board systems, it is crucial to retain as much as your hard earned registered data as possible. Data such as user profiles, CVs, job alerts, employer accounts, job ads, employer logos and so on should be migrated over if at all possible.  

We have a lot of experience in migrating data from other job board systems when customers have changed to the MatchWork solution.

The process for migrating the data will initially be to take test data and migrate it into our test database and do a complete test on our platform with the data. During this process, we develop the code that must handle the data conversion and we test that all data work seamlessly. This process is normally initiated early in the project stage to allow for sufficient correction time. Dependent on data volumes and complexity this process is repeated 1-3 times until all the data and full volume of data can be transferred without issues. Upon final launch, we will perform a full migration. 

Included in the migration work is also setting up permanent redirects (301) between previous URLs indexed in search engines to new URLs to ensure the page rank for these relevant links is preserved.