The MatchWork solution uses SiteCore as Content Management System enabling our customers to make changes to their site without having to involve MatchWork in the process. MatchWork support can manage this on behalf of customers as well.

Also included in the MatchWork solution is a detailed Back Office System with features and reports that offer several useful items such as monitoring job ad activities, managing job ads, managing administration users and access levels, viewing various reports and detailed analytics, supporting end users, sending marketing emails and system information to defined user groups, managing data & and presentation templates for speedier job ad inputting and much much more.


MatchWork's Back Office System (MBOS) is industry unique. The rich services and features of MBOS are tightly interwoven with your job board services to ensure that you can reap the full value of your revenue generators in an effective and efficient manner. To give an example, MBOS supports the Ad Enhance Module through offering an advanced product package configuration module to choose from when creating an ad (admin or self service), advanced exposure and click statistic reporting services for up sell support to the sales team, fast and flexible access to up and down grade of enhancements and much more.

Whatever your objectives and your current internal skill levels, MatchWork helps and guides you all the way. We provide a back office system to monitor site transactions, generating valuable operational and management statistics to enable you to tackle new markets and interact with your customers.

Advanced and in-depth reporting via MBOS enables your sales reps and support team to work with real-time ad exposure statistics and candidate demographics. This increases advertiser satisfaction and strengthens the publisher-advertiser relationship as it is always possible to document the status and the effect of ads placed.