CV entry made easy

If you are a job board located in the UK you can benefit from having access to our shared CV database of over 300,000 fully active CVs. A great way for a start-up job board to deliver instant response to advertisers!

MatchWork's CV upload service allows jobseekers to very easily and quickly register their CV(s) by using one of the following three options (99,5% success rate from users starting their CV to activating it as a fully matching CV):

  • Step by step CV builder – the system will predict job titles and skills as users enter these - Read more
  • Upload a document in e.g. Word, PDF or TXT which is converted into a matching CV - Read more
  • Import profile from LinkedIn (this works much better than other job board providers' LinkedIn import because we use the LinkedIn API instead of free text mapping which can lead to poor results) - Read more



Based on our analytics, 30% of all registered jobseekers with a CV, have uploaded more than one CV. This enables them to use different CVs for different types of roles when matching and applying to jobs. Does your current CV database allow jobseekers to upload more than one CV?