Labour & Trade Union job boards

Akademikernes A-kasse (Academics unemployment insurance fund) is Denmarks largest insurance fund for the highly educated. Our approximately 210,000 members are self-employed and employees from the public and private sector, as well as students from universities and colleges. Akademikernes A-kasse was established July 1, 2013 through the merger of two successful insurance funds, Akademikernes A-kasse and Ingeniørernes A-kasse.

Akademikernes A-kasse operates the job board


DJØF is a leading Danish association representing approx. 85,000 lawyers and masters of economics, political and social science.

DJØF also operates the job board


Dansk Sygeplejeråd (Danish Nurses' Organization) safeguards the interests of around 74,000 nurses. Membership is voluntary, and approx. 87% of practising Danish nurses are members. 

DSR strive towards nurses being paid according to the profession's high value to society, for professional nursing of high quality, and we participate actively in the health policy debate.

DSR operates the job board


Teknisk Landsforbund (Technical Association) is a modern professional organization of creative specialists in engineering, design and construction and has about 30,000 members. Teknisk Landsforbund's members come from many different professions in engineering, design and construction. 

Teknisk Landsforbund operates the job board


HK Kommunal is the union of administrative employees in municipalities and regions in Denmark. There are about 48,000 active members in HK Kommunal and they work in a wide variety of areas in municipalities and regions.

As an added service to its members, HK Kommunal operates the job board


Dansk Magisterforening is the union for 46,000 graduates and students in the humanities, science, social studies and health sciences in Denmark.

Dansk Magisterforening operates the job board


Gymnasieskolernes Lærerforening (GL) is the union for high school teachers in secondary education in Denmark, currently having approx. 14,000 members. GL aims to work for the benefit of education at secondary schools, and to protect its members' economic, professional and academic interests.

GL operates the job board


Jordbrugsakademikerne (JA) is a Danish union organizing candidates, undergraduates and students in fields of study in applied science in agriculture, nature management, environment, energy, resource economics, planning, biotech and food with associated functions such as administration, research, teaching, counseling and management, etc.

JA operates the job board


Bibliotekarforbundet is the professional community of librarians, information specialists and everyone who works professionally with culture, management and heritage conservation, located in Denmark. Bibliotekarforbundet has 4,600 members, of whom 2,000 are employed by municipalities, 800 are employed in the state and 400 are employed in the private sector. The rest of the members are either student members, senior members, passive members or members without steady work.

Bibliotekarforbundet operates the job board


HK Stat is the union for office workers, laboratory technicians and IT staff in the state of Denmark. 

Among many activities, HK Stat operates the job board


Dansk Psykolog Forening (Danish Psychological Association) is the professional organization for psychologists in Denmark. The association’s 10,000 members work in the private, professional and public sectors in Denmark.

Danish Psychological Association offer their members jobs via their job board


Dansk Socialrådgiverforening (Danish Association of Social Workers) is a highly professional community for social workers. The union was founded in 1938 and has over 15,000 members today. Dansk Socialrådgiverforening is the members' organization and provide the social workers' interests in particular regarding salaries and employment, careers and competences, work and education policies.

Dansk Socialrådgiverforening operates the job board


Tandlægeforeningen (The Dental Association) is an organization that represents the interests of all groups of dentists in Denmark. The Dental Association works to ensure that the public perceives dentistry as a health profession where quality, reliability, objectivity, service and dialogue prevailing values, and where there is a high degree of satisfaction among patients.

Tandlægeforeningen operates the job board