Education & Governmental job boards

Since 1883 the Danish magazine Folkeskolen (Publich School) been the place where you can find offers for qualified teachers - since 2010 with the URL læ 

Here you will find permanent and temporary positions as grade school teacher, leisure and school teacher, school principal, class teacher, special educator, consultant and so on. Læ run by the trade journal Folkeskolen, magazine of the Danish Union of Teachers.

Folkeskolen operates the job board www.læ


Since its founding in 1896, the French-American Chamber of Commerce – New York has become the most important private organization for promoting trade and investment between the United States and France. The New York Chapter (FACC-NY) is the oldest and largest, with a current membership of over 600 companies and 900 individuals from a wide range of industry sectors including small, medium and large multinational companies.

CareerConnect is the most recent initiative of the FACC-NY to bridge the gap between employers and the workforce. The CareerConnect online job board offers cost-effective recruitment solutions designed to meet the comprehensive talent needs of the French-American business community.

FACC operates the job board


Kommunernes Landsforening (KL) (Local Government Denmark) is a private interest and membership organization for all 98 municipalities in Denmark. It is KL's purpose to defend the Danish municipalities' common interests, contribute to the municipalities politically, and administratively carry out their duties. KL helps develop and maintain a strong local democracy. KL carries municipalities common interests and municipalities overall negotiation organization, knowledge center and forum for joint initiatives and decisions.

KL operates the job board


The Government of Greenland (Naalakkersuisut) is politically responsible for the daily operations in Greenland. The Government of Greenland has a digitization strategy to digitize Greenland, the Greenlandic population and the use of public self-serve solutions. One of the focus areas is to make an official job board for both jobseekers and employers covering the whole of Greenland.

The official job board of Greenland is located at


Moderniseringsstyrelsen (Modernisation Agency) is the entity in Denmark that brings together the Ministry of Finance work with financials, agreements and management in the state. This created a strong impetus to unleash the considerable resources that lies in the modernization of public sector collective agreements, better public financial management and better management. At the same time Moderniseringsstyrelsen handles the Ministry of Finance's corporate functions of finance, HR, service and communication.

Moderniseringsstyrelsen collects all government jobs within the job board