Huset Markedsføring relaunches

30-05-2013 is one of the leading Danish niche job boards within the sales/marketing niche Huset Markedsføring has chosen MatchWork to design and power the new on MatchWork's job board software.

The site not only displays MatchWork's skilled designers in work ensuring the job board mirrors the main site, it also includes some additional great features:

  • Integration to global leader in job aggregation Indeed
  • An advanced recruiter self service module
  • A special focus on student and graduate jobs

The job board is an example of MatchWork’s custom designed job boards.

We provide three kinds of design options:

  • The simplest solution is template based, but styled in your site’s colours etc.
  • The next option is a 100% bespoke solution where either you provide the mock-ups/designs or we mirror the design of your main site
  • A deluxe bespoke solution is where we create the mock-ups/designs from scratch and give you a unique job board design not like any other site

Note how the job board blends seamlessly into the main site


For further information please contact:
Karsten Wikke, Tel +45 36 95 95 30 or Email:

About MatchWork 
MatchWork is the leading Job Board provider with an Enterprise Platform based on the newest and most advanced technologies incorporating SiteCore content management system, Microsoft FAST search engine and the .NET development platform. MatchWork have significant market share in Europe with own operations in Scandinavia, Germany and UK. Other regions are supported through the reseller network. More information can be found at: