Bullseye: how content sites can leverage job boards


Content-rich sites like radio station websites, newspaper websites, and others have a huge advantage over the typical internet waystation: they are crammed with content that their audiences love. In other words, the content gives visitors a reason to visit.

That’s one reason why many of these content-rich sites also have job boards. Sadly, though, these job boards are ‘afterthoughts’, thrown up to generate some revenue – but not well utilized.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you run a content-rich site, do your visitors a big favor by ensuring that they know about your job board! Here’s how:

  • Put it in the navigation: Make certain that there is a ‘Jobs’ link or button in your site navigation. This makes it easy for a visitor to find the job board – no matter where they are. (It also ensures that the visitor knows there is a job board!)
  • Advertise!: As with the other advertisements on your site, an ad for the job board will catch your visitor’s attention – and hopefully send them looking.
  • Display relevant ads: If your site has a search function (and what site doesn’t?), you can also show specific jobs that are relevant to the search. Alternatively, you can display technology jobs in your technology section, health care jobs in your health care section, and so on.
  • Promote free stuff: Visitors love anything free – and your job board can provide it, via ebooks on careers and job hunting, special pages focusing on different types of jobs, and related subjects. You’ll increase usage of the job board – and add valuable content to the overall site.

Another reason to promote your job board to your site’s visitors – you’ll increase overall site usage and length of visit. These are two important metrics for attracting and retaining all advertisers – and of course you’ll increase your job board revenues. A true win-win!