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Running a job board? Here’s how you can increase revenues in a highly competitive market

There’s a lot of money in job advertising and there are no signs that companies will stop using job boards anytime soon. But the market is saturated with loads of job boards and aggregators and there are not a lot of niches left without direct competition. So how do job boards today succeed and grow revenues in this highly competitive market where there are most likely several other job boards just like yours and an increasing trend towards turning the industry into a business of buying and selling clicks? Fix the real problem As I see it, the best answer to that question is that you need to f…

New job board design theme available

To celebrate the summer holidays, we have just launched a new design theme that is now available to all MatchWork clients! The new design theme is naturally fully responsive and sets a new standard for job board design. It has undergone intense user testing to ensure it matches what jobseekers and advertisers are expecting when searching for jobs and new employees respectively. You can view the new design theme in action on the job board.

New national job board in Greenland -

The Greenlandic Government has just launched the national job board covering the entire Greenland. aims to deliver a better overview of all vacant jobs in Greenland and the qualifications of each jobseeker. "The Greenlandic Government has as part of the modernisation of the structures of the labour market launched an online national job board to the Greenlandic citizens and employers. Citizens can find relevant job offers from a wide selection of employers in Greenland as well as registering their CV and automatically be alerted when new jobs that match their skill…

Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the new! We are super excited about the relaunch of our new website.  It gives visitors a much better overview of what our job board software provides and we have focused on showing actual real images from the websites we power giving our visitors a good idea about the services we provide, rather than displaying a lot of texts that no one reads anyway. You can always contact us if you want a demo or have specific questions about pricing or features. Looking forward to taking your call! Oh, and the website is naturally fully responsive and automatically ad…

Know thy jobseeker!

Although people have searched for jobs for literally hundreds of years, the way they searched remained fairly static: talk to friends and colleagues, physically visit potential employers, and search newspaper classifieds and ‘help wanted’ bulletin boards in their surrounding environment. In other words, looking for work was time consuming, and the chances of learning about a wide variety of jobs matched to the seeker’s skills were low. Everything changed in the mid-90s with the advent of the internet and online job boards such as Monster and OCC. Jobs were now listed in a searchable database, …